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Hey there, welcome it's me again I know that I write too much but you know I

like to talk and express, this is a strange intro for any article, but I have my own way&

if all articles are the same then we won't enjoy any and it would be boring that

you already know its content. I haven't decided the topic yet but as usual ideas

will flow
I wanna talk today about life. You 'd say yeah here begins boredom, but believe

me I will try to make it interesting as possible. What is life? How can we define it?

Is it the events that happen or the days that pass? Do we make events or they

make us
Life in brief is all that is around us people, events, days, nights. We live to worship

god that is for sure, but I 'm talking about life to us, how do perceive it, do we live

or days just pass and we become older without knowing its true meaning?

Sometimes, I feel like a robot I walk, I talk, I eat, but I don't feel alive. Other times

I 'm asleep and dreaming but in this dream I fell life more than any one awake. So

it's not necessarily that we breathe that we are alive. As for me life is small events

that we miss in this busy life that we live nowadays. We study then work; is this

life? We waste our youth and energy in studying and working then we become old

and wait our time to come, When did we live? We realize that too late. I don't

mean that we should play and not study or work. I only mean that we have to

pay attention to days that pass and never come back. We should spend our free

time with our families to be related again. We lose connection with them and

become too busy to see each other. Then we try to search for them, but it's too

late, what's lost won't be back again. We should have friends to spend holidays

with them, share events, have a little chat with them about days, invite them to

spend the day with us, and make trips and picnics with them. This is no fiction,

when we grow up and search for someone to talk to and not find him, we will

regret the chances we wasted. We must be nice with others and treat people with

manners so we receive this treatment back when we need it. There is nothing

worse than an old nerd lonely person. Life also needs adventures and risks to

make more exciting. I don't mean to jump of the window _good idea though_ I

mean we shouldn't restrict our selves to daily never changing routine, we can

once try different food of an other culture, visit a new place, even changing our

home decoration counts. We think of doing things, but we say no an other day

and keep delaying till there is no other day. I don't mean to be careless but I mean

we should consider that time can never be back, so pay attention and make

priorities in your life and remember what really matters to you. Say more or this is

enough I will be nice today and conclude early I hope that you enjoyed reading if

not, I will be better next time. Thank you

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